Over the last several years Maplle has emerged as a fore runner in trading of T.D.R.

The regulation of Transferable Development Rights (T.D.R.) is promoted by the Government of Maharashtra for speedy acquisition of private plots reserved for public amenities such as gardens, playgrounds, roads, hospitals etc. Upon surrendering such lands to the concerned authorities, the owners are entitled to use the equivalent F.S.I. (Floor Space Index) of the surrendered plot on any other buildable plots. The T.D.R. rights are given by way of a Certificate which can be sold to anyone for use on their land in desired quantities of 10 sq.mts and its multiples.

Over the last several years Maplle have emerged as a fore runner in trading of T.D.R. Further, such plots are also purchased on outright or joint venture basis by Maplle and after completing the process T.D.R. is obtained in our own name.

Landowners whose plots are under reservation in the under mentioned cities can contact us to take professional help for availing T.D.R. in lieu of such plots or for outright sale.

As per the present policy T.D.R. against the reserved plots is available in Mumbai, Thane and Pune.